Sustainable, carbon-neutral methanol produced from sunlight and air


Zero Emission Fuels

The partnership with ZEF is a great example of cross-over collaboration. We help to convert the results from basic scientific research into a product that can be produced in series. And that is our core business. We apply the way we think and work as product designers to a range of professional and scientific environments.

ZEF by npk design
ZEF by npk design

npk as engineering expert and advisor

From its location in Delft, ZEF has invented a technological and economic solution to produce affordable, carbon-based methanol.

We guide and coach the selected product design students from the Technical University (TU), who team up with ZEF. Our engineers support the ZEF team with their extensive knowledge of materials and production technologies, cost price calculations and feasibility advice.

Using our visualisation skills, we have created an animation that explains the scientific research within just a few minutes and demonstrates how ZEF aims to put this into practice. If they succeed, we can confidently state that we’ll be helping to make the world that bit more sustainable for everyone.

ZEF by npk design
ZEF by npk design

Mass production versus scale-up

One mini plant connected to a solar panel captures CO2 and water from the air and converts this into methanol via solar power, producing a 100% green, synthetic fossil fuel. This small-scale modular production unit is easy to scale-up, simply by adding more ‘mini plants’; an innovative solution that enables a transition to an affordable and sustainable energy system.

The demand for renewable methanol, energy storage and alternative fuels continues to increase. This offers tremendous opportunities for ZEF. The aim is that fields full of connected panels will be installed at locations with a high solar energy potential across the world within the near future, ready to harvest tonnes of sustainable, carbon-neutral methanol.

ZEF by npk design

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