Actionable sustainability starts with npk design

The transition towards sustainability can be challenging within shifting markets, changing legislations and increasing demands of users. It effects your organization and its environment; chain partner collaboration, financing, developing and promoting innovative products and services. Finding actionable directions within this complexity is challenging. To thrive in this context, solutions must be authentic. Custom made solutions are stronger, more effective and have more impact.

Sustainable design

Multidimensional innovation

At npk design, we conceive and create solutions that make an impact. Over the past 40+ years we have created all our designs in accordance with our inspirational principle: ‘a long lifespan by offering high-quality solutions’.

When we design your new sustainable product, we put creativity to work. We work in short cycles where we devise, prototype and test solutions from multiple perspectives. We also use cross-pollination and learn from other industries. By involving our clients and other stakeholders in the process, we make them part of the solution. So we challenge the supply chain and integrate it into our process and combine products and services.

Sustainable design

We use tools that provide insight into the ecological and economic effects, such as a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) or an Environmental Cost Indicator (ECI) to compare different design proposals.

Value for all stakeholders involved

A key driver for success is to ensure that value is created for all the stakeholders involved. That is how a product can be truly successful and sustainable. This involves looking from all multidimensional perspectives and intensive collaboration.
From exploring new technologies and materials through to managing the energy consumption. We focus on essential functionality rather than features. This multidimensional thinking creates products that people like to use, want to keep and need. It builds brands that people can identify with.

Impact Workshop
Impact Workshop

Impact Workshop

We have developed a strategic, inspirational and collaborative workshop where bespoke, effective solutions for lasting impact come to life. In our strategic workshop, we discover your sustainability potential and navigate through this challenging process together.

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