Sustainable bus shelters and advertising displays for Municipality of Leiden

Advertising agency RBL

Tender for exploitation of bus shelters and advertising displays

The Reclamebureau Limburg (RLB) advertising agency and npk closely collaborated on the Municipality of Leiden’s tender for the sustainable operation of bus shelters and free-standing advertising displays. And we won the tender.
Our design for the bus shelter displays has been developed completely from the perspective of environmental impact. Thanks to some creative solutions, we have achieved a 70% environmental benefit over a standard bus shelter display. What’s more, the design language fits in seamlessly with the character of the city. Which is a big win for a design agency based in Leiden.

RBL by npk design

Sustainable Ambition

The Municipality of Leiden has big ambitions when it comes to acting in a socially responsible way. Installing the most environmentally-friendly bus shelters possible is a good example of that.
In order for this to be measurable, the tendering parties were supplied with the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) calculation tool. The design itself was also subject to an environmental requirement. The shelters must be accessible, feel transparent, be aesthetically pleasing, distinctive to Leiden and fit into the cityscape.

RBL by npk design
RBL by npk design

Cutting Down on Materials

It goes without saying that you look at the amount of materials used. With the emphasis on using as little as possible, but also on using recycled, less toxic, bio-based materials.
After extensive research, unalloyed steel was found to be the most environmentally-friendly material for the construction. In addition to this, recycled concrete and aluminium and sustainable bamboo and glass were also used.

RBL by npk design

Energy Saving

There are also major gains to be made in energy consumption. For example, solar panels are fitted to half of the roof of each bus shelter. The selected panels have been integrated into the design. Alongside the solar panels, dimmable LED lighting was chosen. This can be used with optimised settings to reflect peak times and quiet times. Selecting a green energy supplier makes a further positive contribution.
RBL decided on the targeted placement of advertisements and their distribution across the sides of the bus shelters. The switching of advertisement posters will be conducted using electric cargo bikes.
This represents a big step towards sustainability in terms of energy consumption.

RBL by npk design
RBL by npk design

A Design Intrinsic to Leiden

Aside from the 70% environmental benefit, users also obviously want to wait for their bus in a pleasant environment. Our bus shelters have a functional, minimalist, timeless, open and accessible design. With continuous lines emphasising the longitudinal direction, we are reflecting the layout of Leiden itself, which is characterised by long, sleek lines. The final flourish to the design are the unmistakeable key symbols of Leiden.

RBL by npk design

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