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Winter sledges

Czech company Plastkon is one of the world’s largest producers of winter sledges for children, while npk design has years of experience and expertise in designing them. When the two companies met for the first time, there was an immediate ‘connection’ and they soon decided to combine forces. Their answer to the growing demand for ‘real’ sledges for even more winter fun has since grown into a complete product programme: Gizmo Riders.

Plastkon by npk design
Plastkon by npk design
Plastkon by npk design

Circular design

Even during the design phase for the various plastic sledges, the designers focus on the recyclable principles of the cradle-to-cradle philosophy. For example, all the parts are manufactured from the most sustainable type of plastic: HDPE (high density polyethylene); the sledge is built using only plastic click-joints (so it has no steel parts); and the product graphic is etched into the plastic rather than affixed with transfers or stickers.


Skidrifter is the latest addition for the Gizmo Riders. This sledge can carry a load of up to 120 kilos so it’s suitable for both children and adults. You steer the sledge by transferring your weight and you operate the brake with your feet.
But the real innovation is the sledge’s multifunctionality. You can keep challenging yourself thanks to the flexible degree of difficulty. You can use a button to adjust the seating surface to three different levels and change the speed and the difficulty. There are three different styles: Amateur, professional and expert. It’s all about balance and a healthy dose of courage.


Plastkon by npk design

Stratos as a whole is easily recyclable because all the parts are made of exactly the same top-quality plastic.

The steering system has been optimised for extra control and speed in the corners. The angles of the inner and outer ski follow the bend really closely. The sledge cable rolls up automatically thanks to a very effective and simple system that also functions as a spring for the brake.

SuperNova en Meteor

The first results of our partnership are the SuperNova and Meteor gliders. These brightly-coloured gliders have a playful design and unique features. The Meteor stands out due to its triangular shape, while with the SuperNova, you can both steer and brake.

Plastkon by npk design

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