Hand-held dispenser for a clean catering environment

Kimberly-Clark Professional

WypAll® Reach Centrefeed System

Kimberly-Clark and npk design have been working closely together for many years. The development of the Reach hand-held dispenser is a new milestone in our partnership.

Kimberly Clark by npk design
Kimberly Clark by npk design

WypAll wipes

In the catering and fast food sector, (table) surfaces need to be cleaned quickly and hygienically. To do this, employees use paper ‘WypAll’ wipes in combination with an aerosol cleaner.
A hand-held wipe dispenser is a huge improvement over more traditional cleaning methods as far as hygiene, ease of use, and environmentally-friendliness are concerned.

Kimberly Clark by npk design

A smart design in so many ways

The centre feed of the dispenser is designed so that you can only pull out one wipe at a time. With exactly enough friction for the next time you need a wipe and the assurance that you can’t pull out the whole roll (streaming).
The transparent housing shows employees exactly how many wipes are left.
As proud as we are of the look and feel of the Reach hand-held dispenser, the really smart features are on the inside. The WypAll roll is positioned in such a way that it can’t fall over or get stuck. And our idea turned out to be so good that Kimberly-Clark has applied for a patent for it.

Kimberly Clark by npk design

Smart designs require lots of testing

Our design engineers and model makers played a leading role in this project. At a very early stage, they created prototypes with which mountains of WypAll paper rolls were tested. After making the necessary improvements, the testing began again. The testing process included several iteration steps and led to a perfectly functioning product.
We then developed the moulds with the same mould manufacturer that we started with twenty years ago in the Aquarius and Ripple project.

Kimberly Clark by npk design

Multifunctional use

During a project, interesting ideas for enlargement often develop. This also happened with the Reach dispenser. We developed a bracket in which you can attach the roll upside down. Then you have a combination of a regular fixed centre feed dispenser for the kitchen, for example, and a hand-held dispenser. This makes the Reach dispenser multifunctional and also offers a perfect place for storage. Kimberly-Clark was delighted with the design and has put the bracket onto the market straight away.

Kimberly Clark by npk design
Kimberly Clark by npk design

“Well done, team! You’ve fixed this job for us”

Jonathan Green
Development Manager at Kimberly-Clark

While developing the Reach hand-held dispenser for Kimberly-Clark, npk design’s reliability was a key factor. Kimberly-Clark trusted us during the entire development process, because we show time and again that we can solve problems and take responsibility during the process.

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