Unique, gentle fixation during artificial respiration

Novo Klinik-Service

Tube Fix

With long-term artificial respiration, an endotracheal tube is inserted through the mouth and past the vocal chords. Fixating the tube on the face using adhesive stickers is not user-friendly for either the patient or for medical personnel. Because the tube is moved regularly, this causes irritation to the skin and corners of the mouth.

Tube Fix bij npk design

Clamping of the endotracheal tube

Tube Fix bij npk design

Together with medical experts we developed a unique idea for tube fixation, where the endotracheal tube is maintained in one spot with a clamping mechanism that is suitable for various tube sizes. The clamping mechanism rests on the patient’s cheekbones and has an integrated fixation principle consisting of adjustable straps around the head.

Ergonomic research and testing of prototypes

The solution principle seems simple, but proper execution turned out to be quite complicated. Major ergonomic research was conducted to figure out how to clamp the tube onto the cheekbones. All shapes and sizes of heads and faces were examined. Numerous prototypes were created based on this research, and these prototypes were subsequently tested on lots of different heads.

Tube Fix bij npk design

To measure is to know

Tube Fix bij npk design

The result is so good that the clamping mechanism has received a patent in the meantime. The clamping mechanism together with the fixation principle have improved tube fixation for both patients and medical professionals. Patients experience much less physical discomfort and irritation caused by the endotracheal tube. Ease of use for medical experts has improved so that they literally need one hand less to keep the tube in the correct place during treatment or daily care.

From idea to well-functioning product

Reception to the idea was so enthusiastic that npk wanted to take it a step further. We had to find the right manufacturer. After getting to know German company Novo Klinik-Service, they appeared to be the right match. Novo Klinik-Service develops, manufactures and markets innovative medical devices for intensive care, anaesthesia and care. Together we further developed the idea and realised a well-functioning product.

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