Both server and radiator


Cloud Heater

Data centers spend much money and energy to cool their servers. The heat that is generated by servers is seen as waste. Nerdalize introduces a new system, that takes servers out of datacenters and puts them in houses, where their warmth becomes useful as a heater.

In close co-operation with npk design Nerdalize developed the services around the ‘Cloud Heater’: both server and radiator. With context mapping research methods we described all conditions for acceptation of this totally new system of heating. Next step was to develop a service blueprint that defines the required touch points, shows the aimed interaction with them, and describes the roles that various stakeholders have in the development and exploitation of them.
At the moment the most important touch point, the Cloud Heater itself, is realised for preparation of a first pilot in the market.

Nerdalize by npk design
Nerdalize by npk design
Nerdalize by npk design

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