A digital audio system suitable for children



Toniebox and Tonies are a digital audio system suitable for children. They combine listening and playing with an intuitive and simple operating concept: You place one of the audio figures – called Tonies – on the Toniebox and the story starts. All functions are operated through tapping and squeezing – no touchscreen, buttons or controls needed. Perfectly designed for children’s hands and ears.
Toniebox and Tonies communicate via NFC-chip. The content is streamed from the cloud and downloaded to the internal memory, then it can be played without an internet connection. With the Creative-Tonies and a smartphone app parents can record their own content, link them with an audio figure and play them on the Toniebox.

Boxine by npk design
Boxine by npk design

Boxine and npk design

Toniebox inventors Marcus Stahl and Patrick Faßbender contacted us with a specific and unique idea and a clear vision in mind. The cube shape was already on the table at the first meeting.
We have helped with the translation of this cube, it then had the appearance of a cuddly toy, into a product in which all the complex technology is integrated.

How can npk design support startups

Most startups do not have as much experience in product development.
They quickly need prototypes and a small first 0-series to test the product and realise market introduction. Here we can perfectly accompany startups. In the case of Boxine we took care of the technical development, and a series of samples that came very close to the final product.

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