Our approach and solutions, your impact

How does the potency of your brand translate into new products and services?
What do you need to do to become (more) sustainable? Innovation is the driving force behind change and adaptation to the world around us.

With more than 40 years of experience we are a strong innovation partner.
Our dedicated team consists of designers, engineers and builders who like solving complex problems. We think in terms of scenarios and risks and we experiment to find the best solution and guide you through the entire innovation process. From visualising good opportunities to designing, developing and realising your product.

Covestro by npk design


A win-win situation: ease of use ànd minimal material loss

GIO award


Sustainable bus shelters and advertising displays for Municipality of Leiden

ZEF by npk design


Sustainable, carbon-neutral methanol produced from sunlight and air

Our services

The expertise of our creative team delivers added value in every phase of your innovation process. We translate your ideas into visualisations and concepts using a unique method that we developed ourselves.


Finding real chances

We use design research to identify innovation opportunities for you and in that way increase your chance of success.


Concepting and development

We involve all the stakeholders in the design and development of your integrated solutions.


The way to market introduction

We provide support for the production of tools, parts or whole products.