We create and realise your impact

We create innovations for both multinationals and clever start-up companies. By focussing on the user perspective and trying to find the question behind the question we are able to get through to the core of the problem. We aim for solutions with a high functional quality, the optimal use of materials, and focus on sustainability in development.

Our mission

We connect the dots

We bridge different fields of interest and disciplines, we translate insights and requirements into coherent propositions , we sharpen outlines and we show the big picture in vivid detail.

We step off the beaten track

We approach every job with an open mind and allow our minds to freely explore solutions. We believe that this is the key to our creativity.

We thrive on challenges

Innovation can be scary, but we have done it before. We trust on our 40+ years of experience.

We like to keep it simple

Creating simplicity is a complex process. We unravel any problem and convey its essence. Our solutions are all built on this essence. Design awards are motivational but secondary.

We need to experiment

By building prototypes and embracing continuous iteration we learn by doing and to get a grip on complex issues.

We make it work

We think + we tinker to provide substance to imagination. We are all in and believe in our team & our network to deliver what we promise.

We see waste as lost profit

We want to be relevant for our clients, their brand & customers and the world around us. We want to create long lasting designs and circular business opportunities. Sustainability always pays off.

We are honest

We want the best for our customers, we are open minded, realistic and direct in a highly professional manner. Only involve the best, we have a lot to bring to the table.

Management team

npk design’s management team is made up of the three partners, Jos Oberdorf, Janwillem Bouwknegt and Herman van der Vegt. All three have extensive experience in their individual areas of expertise. When you decide to work with us, you always have direct access to one of the partners. They are responsible for closely integrating innovation and business insight.

Interdisciplinary consultation and collaboration with the relevant scientific organisations or suppliers guarantee the best practices and ideas for your projects. The partners are always personally involved in projects and are available for project consultation and review.

Jos Oberdorf

Jos Oberdorf

As a part-time Professor of Product Architecture Design at Delft Technical University and a partner at npk design, Jos combines design strategy and balanced design concepts with the latest theoretical insights.

Herman van der Vegt

Herman van der Vegt

A problem-solving designer with more than 25 years of project management experience in complex projects in the field of new energies, but also in the semiconductor and medical industries. Herman firmly believes that design innovation is the driving force behind the transition to a circular economy.

Janwillem Bouwknegt

Janwillem Bouwknegt

A visionary designer with strong product development and 3D skills. Has more than 20 years of experience working for major brands and / or innovative startups. As a design director, Janwillem is the coach and sparring partner for our designers.


Our team consists of designers, engineers, strategists, and researchers all with a passion for solving complex problems.

Some of our clients

A selection of the top brands, companies and organisations we have worked with over the past few years.