Mobile paper dispenser for industrial environments

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WypAll® dispenser for Q-fold wiping paper and work cloths

Kimberly Clark’s WypAll brand is marketing products that are specially developed for industrial environments. The company wished to create a new design language for the workplace dispenser family. We have been working together on innovative solutions and projects for more than 20 years, and once again got this assignment.

The WypAll dispenser is the first product of this new family. This innovative dispenser was specially developed for the quarter-folded (Q-fold) wipes that are used extensively in factories and other workplaces.

Kimberly Clark by npk design

How to protect wipes from dirt in work environments ánd develop a hygienic dispensing system?

At the start of the project, we conducted intensive design research into ways of dispensing the quarter-folded wipes. That meant intensive cooperation between designers, engineers and model makers. Ideas become models that we then test extensively. This process of trial and error is indispensable in this type of design process.
For the WypAll, it has led to a patented idea: the wipes can easily be pulled out one-by-one through a corner in the otherwise sealed dispenser.

Kimberly Clark by npk design

Multiple innovations in one product

The WypAll is the first mobile dispenser that can be used as both a wall-hung model and a standalone model. It means that you always have wipes wherever you need them. Our design team invented a smart hanging element with a range of attachment options. So that the WypAll dispenser can be attached to both horizontal and vertical pipes or directly to the wall.

In one movement, you can change a hanging WypAll into a standalone wipe dispenser. By twisting the lid a quarter turn and placing it on the bottom, the dispenser stands firmly in place and the wipes are easy to pull out.

Kimberly Clark by npk design

Helping to create smart production techniques

The WypAll dispensers are produced in smaller series than Kimberly-Clark is accustomed to. By contributing ideas and coming up with a unique design solution, we were able to reduce investments in the production tools.

We are proud to support our clients by quickly finding affordable and smart solutions and also helping to realise them.

Kimberly Clark by npk design

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