Innovation is chosen change

Are you actively thinking about innovative solutions for the future? Do you dare to blaze new trails? Together with you we will help you to set out your unique innovation route. We start the work with solid preparation: a clear vision forms the starting point.

Our working method

We put the market and the user centre stage. Together we investigate where added value can be found. This forms the starting point for useful innovation. A finely-honed design, perfect attention to detail, high-quality engineering and excellent assistance during production start-up and implementation are important cornerstones for your success in the market place.
Our expertise covers the entire innovation process. Together we carefully test each step against the context of your issue and adjust the principles where necessary.

npk design is NEN ISO 9001 certified

Based on analyses of users, the market and your business, together we establish where opportunities for development can be found. During workshops you are able to define your innovation focus; we assist and facilitate. In this way we create consensus and principles with which we direct your project. This forms the starting point of each development process.

With design research we identify the conditions for successful innovation. We apply different research techniques, with the emphasis on creative, qualitative methods. This results in valuable insights. The next step is the actual translation into a new proposition.

  • Brand strategy
  • Business model innovation
  • Strategy workshops
  • Reframing workshops
  • Trend research
  • Product portfolio analyses
  • Competitor research and analyses

Solutions are not stand-alone components; they are embedded in a system. Where and how is value created in the system? Often new business ideas and revenue models are required to make optimum use of this. Through a combination of design thinking and business thinking we will identify the best solution for business and user from different perspectives.

This is a complex and interesting puzzle which identifies the interests of all stakeholders, a process that leads to surprising insights.

  • User insights
  • Customer journeys
  • Service Blueprint
  • User testing
  • Future vision
  • Roadmapping
  • Touchpoint Briefings

A good idea is not yet a working solution. Refining all aspects often requires several disciplines. We enjoy working with our network of dedicated specialists.

Our approach delivers successful products and services, often awarded international design prizes. That is why a large number of our clients work with us on a long-term basis. For us this is the ultimate recognition.

Product design

A team of designers and engineers generate, in an intuitive and analytical manner, concepts for the product under development, based on the previously formulated proposition concepts. With the help of visualisation and prototyping techniques, we test, refine, and communicate the new concept in an iterative process.

Design engineering

From the very start of a project, our designers work in one team with our engineers to find the best technical solution for the product. Through the exchange of knowledge and experience, components and compositions are harmonised to the optimum effect. Our engineers develop technical concepts into prototypes or serial products. We coordinate CAD systems of the client, the supplier, and of npk design for an efficient transfer.

User interface design

A clear and easy-to-understand interface between the product and the user makes life a good deal more pleasant. Whether operations are controlled by traditional knobs and switches, an app, or a screen and keyboard, our team optimises interaction through a range of possible menu structure and graphic layout concepts. Proposing simulations to potential users is an integral part of our design process routine.


Prototyping is an important part of every phase of our design process. This gives us a greater understanding of the conceptual, aesthetic, and technical aspects of the design. Our model workshop is excellently equipped and suitable for every type of prototyping; for example, for product design, we make three-dimensional mock ups, visual or functional models, and prototypes that are identical in appearance to the end-product.
In the case of service design projects, we use experience prototyping, through role-play, paper prototyping, and interior mock ups, for example.

The npk facilities for quick and easy prototyping are used in all kinds of ways.

Communication design

For every product or service, consideration has to be given to the brand image and to interaction with the user, which is why we have graphic designers in our team. Our knowledge of graphic design covers both branding and information design. Whether it concerns digital or analogue statements or messages, our expertise lies in the field of interaction design, brand communication, manuals, and signposting.

The time to market for new products and services is important. It demands a proper linking of the development process to realisation. We provide support in facilitating pilots and outsourcing the production of tools, parts, subassemblies or whole products.

When introducing your service or products, early user evaluation is valuable. We can also offer support here. We set up user surveys through which we generate important information from the target group. This first user experience serves to optimise your proposition.

  • Pilot facilitation
  • Usability evaluation
  • Production startup
  • 0-series
  • Tooling
  • Testing
  • Homologation
  • Certification