Product innovation for high-end kitchen brand


Smart kitchen solutions

We know Spavaldo as a young, modern design kitchen brand.
Every kitchen is custom-designed by Spavaldo with great attention to quality.

To achieve a position as a new brand in the high-end kitchen market, you must differentiate yourself from other models and brands. Spavaldo wanted to stand out by offering a number of innovative, smart solutions that other established brands don’t have in their range.

Among other things, they came up with a mobile kitchen element that provides extra worktop space and is cleverly concealed in the kitchen cabinets when not in use. We were initially approached to develop the product and work out the idea in detail.
During this project, we also looked at Spavaldo’s initial request to help it distinguish itself from its competitors.

Spavaldo by npk design

Competition analysis and market research

During the initial phase of a project, we perform a market and competition analysis. We discovered that most design kitchens now offer ‘handle-less’ fronts for kitchen drawers.
These fronts look very sleek but have the disadvantage that the drawers lose ‘height’ and therefore storage space. We immediately saw this as a unique opportunity for Spavaldo.

Spavaldo by npk design

Design solution becomes eye-catcher at the same time

Together we came up with an eye-catching product innovation that keeps the kitchen drawers sleek with no loss of height. At the same time, the solution itself is a striking style element that helps Spavaldo stand out from its competitors.

Spavaldo by npk design
Spavaldo by npk design
Spavaldo by npk design
Spavaldo by npk design

Prototyping to test ideas

A product design alone is not a saleable product. We always start creating models and prototypes very quickly. We have our own modelling workshop for this. And we use models to test and optimise our product design. Our design engineers worked out the design in detail and during the realisation phase we supervised the outsourcing and the production of the result.

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