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SKS Germany


The cooperation between SKS Germany and npk design started with a strategic reorientation. Together we scrutinised the brand, the products and the end users of this renowned producer of bike accessories (founded in 1932). Based on the desired direction, npk design made a detailed style guide for each target group and designed various products.

Expand recognisability

SKS focuses on three target groups: mountain bikers, racing cyclists and off-road riders. The central question was: how do we make it transparently clear to the consumer which products target which group?
The style guides provided a basis for the design of products and packaging, product logos, website, catalogues, advertisement material and sales outlets.

The central question was:

how do we make it transparently clear to the consumer which products target which group?

Identify brand identity

To create the right product image, the user must be central. Step 1 involved identifying the brand identity of SKS.
During a series of workshops with all involved, we identified the image that SKS wanted to radiate as a brand. We linked the answers to this question to the results from the target group survey and relevant trends and developments in the market.

SKS Germany by npk design
SKS Germany by npk design

Compiling personas

In order to map out the different target groups as accurately as possible, we created user personas. Personas describe lifestyle, needs and preferences of fictional people. With these user profiles and a clear picture of the brand identity, we had a good basis to determine the right image for each target group.
npk developed a look and feel that suited the brand SKS and which reflected the perceptions and experiences of the user.

“In the early days of our partnership, we spent a lot of time together developing a clear vision of the future of our brand. The great advantage is that we are now on the same page. How do we know that? We often need very few words to understand each other”

Design awards

Based on the style guide, npk designed various bicycle accessories for SKS, including mudguards and bicycle pumps. For the design of the Diago mini bicycle pump, npk received two international design awards in 2011: an iF Design Award and a Red Dot Award.

Problem-free implementation

SKS manages its own production process. Thanks to the close cooperation with npk design, there is always a smooth transition from concept phase to implementation.

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