New archetype for the electric vehicle charging market


Ostra charging points for electric vehicles

The NRG2050 holding comprises companies that offer e-mobility initiatives, services and smart solutions. An important innovation being launched on the market by NRG2050, is a smart charging point for electric vehicles.
A permanent electronics partner was engaged to develop innovative microelectronics and electrical engineering for the charging points. We are responsible for the design and development of the charging point product family.

nrg2050 by npk design
nrg2050 by npk design

New archetype for electric vehicle charging market

Current charging points for car brands that produce electric cars tend to be an extension of the car’s design language. NRG2050 aims to develop one universal charging point for all brands and types of car.

We started the project with a design study to search for a new archetype for the total electric vehicle charging market. Together with the founders of NRG2050 we looked at many proposals and concept ideas before we chose for a design that is a playful reference to the classic plug socket.

We then designed an entire product line with modular and flexible charging solutions for homes, buildings, car parks and public areas, including both built-in and freestanding charging points.

nrg2050 by npk design

Unique exchange and replacement concept

All the Ostra charging point technology is located in the Perla, which literally means pearl. Should there be a fault, the user can remove the entire Perla from the charging station easily. The Perla is sent back to the supplier, who simply sends a new one: a unique service concept which enables problem resolving within 24 hours.

Technical solutions important part of product development

Our design engineers are involved in projects from the start. They are responsible for developing technical solutions that arise during product development processes. This includes solutions for simple and universal charging point installation in every home, building, car park or public area. And solutions to enable all innovative microelectronics and electrical engineering to be integrated within the compact charging point design. Our design engineers also play an important role in devising solutions to meet the highest safety standards.

nrg2050 by npk design

Close cooperation between designers and engineers

Design engineers are a vital link between our designers and the client on the one hand, and producers and collaborative parties including electronics partners on the other.

Following a period of intensive collaboration with all parties involved, NRG2050 is now able to introduce an extremely compact, innovative charging point on the market. The charging point is being sold under the brand name Ostra. Charging at an Ostra charging point is actually just like making a call when you have a mobile phone contract. Rates are communicated to the charge card providers. EV drivers can charge their vehicles anywhere and their providers send invoices for the purchased electricity.

nrg2050 by npk design
nrg2050 by npk design

Ostra is a smart product with a standard online portal that works like a user dashboard. Ostra is also equipped with BlueMarble software. This facilitates smart energy and charging management, as well as dynamic load balancing strategies. Combined with a good service concept, Ostra is ready to conquer the e-mobility market.
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