How long-term collaboration works

Siemens Industries Software

npk design and Siemens (then known as LMS Instruments) have been working together since the end of the 1980s.
Our collaboration has resulted in 20 projects which both parties are completely satisfied with. But both partners and the world around us have changed out of all recognition since our very first joint project. Organisational and technological innovations are crowding thick and fast.

How can you successfully maintain such a long-term partnership? This is only possible if each party acknowledges and appreciates each other’s added value.

Siemens by npk design
Siemens by npk design

Siemens Industries Software (SISW) specialises in test and simulation software in the field of sound, vibration, movement and fatigue analysis for the R&D laboratories in the car, aviation and aerospace industries. he company is the world’s leading management centre for simulation software in Siemens’ technical PLM software branch, and counts all the world’s major car and aviation manufacturers among its customers.

HVEG2“Our philosophy of open & flexible collaboration and making sure team members are directly involved gives the best results. Open, direct communication enables us to make the necessary adjustments in good time, based on progressive views. Intensity and involvement right from the very beginning are the key to success.”
Herman van der Vegt
managing partner npk design

LMS Soundbrush helps you see what you hear

De LMS Soundbrush brengt akoestische problemen in kaart. De geluidsbron wordt gelokaliseerd en middels een 3D weergave direct zichtbaar gemaakt. Het ontwerp van de probe won een iF award, de kroon op onze samenwerking.


Siemens by npk design
Siemens by npk design


De LMS SCADAS XS is een draagbaar systeen dat geluid en trillingen verwerkt en inzichtelijk maakt. Een belangrijk vraagstuk tijdens de ontwikkeling was: hoe ga je de electronica efficient onderbrengen en beschermen in een unit die kleiner en krachtigers is dan de concurrentie.

npk design and Siemens are a good match

Brand perception, user experience, the very best system quality and top product quality are the distinguishing factors on the electronics & software equipment professional analysis market. Of course, what products look like is important, but user experience, operation and quality of the finishing have to fit in perfectly with the superior and accurate measuring equipment as well.Everything has to be exactly right, down to the tiniest details.
Siemens involves us in developing new products from the very start right up to production. We raise projects to a higher level thanks to each other’s expertise & professional skill. And because we know and trust one another completely, we can change gear in the right way without this affecting the quality or results.

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