New functionality for next generation instrument

Revvity – Opera Phenix® Plus HCS system

High-Content Screening System

Revvity and npk design have worked as partners for a number of years in the field of product development. During this time, our design vision has been implemented in many instruments in their product family, helping Revvity to amplify their brand recognition and image.

Clear collaboration and role assignment

In our partnership, the assignment of roles has always been clear: Revvity investigates and develops the technology inside the equipment, while npk design ensures that these processes are ‘properly encased’. There is always a striking connection between the look of the equipment and the processes taking place inside. Transparency and a clean design render the technology comprising the liquid handling module visible to outsiders. We call it the inside out perspective.

Balance between functionality and aesthetics

For some high-content screening (HCS) applications, images need to be taken immediately after the addition of liquid to the samples. Revvity wanted to integrate this liquid-handling functionality into their instrument and turned to us for the design. We devised a transparent cover with moving parts and mechanics that suited the design language. The collaboration and communication between the mechanical engineers at Revvity and the design engineers at npk design was smooth and productive. We communicated intensively to ensure technology and user comfort are evenly matched in the design. The result is a strong balance between function and aesthetics.

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