Patented system for dental pocket cleaning

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Fluxion is a product designed for dental practices. The word Fluxion means flow/transition. And that’s exactly what this instrument does. It treats inflamed gums in an effective and targeted manner through pulsating delivery and suction of mineralised water and air. What’s more, this innovative treatment method is patient-friendly and pain-free.

Fluxion by npk design
Fluxion by npk design

Intensive partnership

The first prototype that Dr Johan van Dijk and Sophie van Dijk presented to us was substantiated by clinical evidence of its functional principle. The instrument has since received a patent. Both Van Dijks had knowledge of the market and the ambition to develop an entirely new dental product. Our assistance was initially deployed for a re-design focusing on manufacturability and a modern appearance.

Fluxion by npk design
Fluxion by npk design

Hands-on mentality

From the beginning of the project, npk design provided intensive support to GumCare companion as a flexible, critical and realistic partner with a hands-on mentality regarding integrated product development. The cooperation was agile: short lines of communication, rapid responses and action, and a lot of prototyping. And always with a focus on a short go-to-market time.
We provided prototypes for functional, usability and field tests in all sorts of variations. These tests provided new input for continuous improvement of various of the product’s components. We also assisted GumCare companion by managing their electronics development and supplier selection (including in China) and organising the start-up of production of both the 0 series and the 1 series. This way we took the burden off our client in all phases of the product development process.

Fluxion by npk design

“We are incredibly pleased with npk design’s practical yet critical approach. Their commitment, helpfulness and flexibility combined with their knowledge and experience made it possible for us to launch Fluxion on the market with a start-up budget and within a short time frame.”
Sophie van Dijk
CEO of GumCare companion

Extra patent for the Fluxion treatment tip

In addition to the cleaning technology, the treatment tip we developed also received a patent. This unique and smart disposable tip greatly reduces the risk of infection and combines multiple user functions into one. In addition to the safe separation of the supply and removal circuit and ease of placement, the liquid is filtered, the treatment angle can be configured, and there are various suction cups.

Fluxion by npk design

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