A win-win situation: ease of use ànd minimal material loss

Covestro – Dockit®

A novel packaging solution that contains clear coat and hardener in the perfect mix ratio

In the paint industry, mixing two-component paints is a time consuming, inefficient and error-sensitive process. The mixing ratio has a major impact on the end result, while surplus paints don’t have a long shelf life and therefore disappear into the waste flow. A waste of materials and money.
Together with one of Covestro’s innovation teams we developed the patented Dockit packaging. It offers a safe, user-friendly solution in the spray paint industry for pre-packaged two-component clear varnish with a predefined mixing ratio.

Covestro by npk design

Images on location: Covestro

Covestro’s innovation competition

To increase their innovation power Covestro organises award competitions internally.
One of the participating teams invited us to facilitate a workshop to come up with new packaging ideas with them. Using design thinking and brainstorm techniques lead to a very inspiring session. With the outcome, the Dockit packaging concept, we entered the competition.

Visual models convince the Covestro jury

Creating (visual) models at a very early stage in the design process is always useful. Also in this case. Thanks to our professional-looking visual models, the jury was enthusiastic from the start. From over 500 innovation projects that were submitted, the team that we supported won the Covestro Innovation Award. As a spin-off to this award, Covestro initiated a start-up team to actually realise the idea.  

Covestro by npk design

Product development together with Covestro start-up team

In close collaboration with the start-up team, we further designed, developed and guided the realisation of the product. Our top priorities were safety, ease of use and minimising the amount of material in the waste flows.
The packaging makes preparation and dosage much easier. The ease of use rules out improper use but doesn’t compromise the quality of the end result. Storage, stock and logistics may never be allowed to influence the chemical components or the coating properties. For the team, the award of the patent submitted is the ultimate accolade for the idea and the way it was developed.

Covestro by npk design

In projects like these, we act as a partner for every aspect of product development: from the very first idea during a brainstorming session to the realisation of moulds and testing samples. We also contribute ideas for branding and positioning the product in the market. This is how we like to serve our clients and realise product innovations that fulfil the promise and really work.

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