Sustainable design: maximum impact with minimum footprint

Environmental sustainability, availability of raw materials and global climate agreements form a huge challenge for everyone. How do you make the right and fair choices while paying attention to a green world?

For over 40 years npk design has been developing surprising and sustainable products with added value. Sustainability forms an integral part of our creativity. By investigating and realising new opportunities, we maximise your success in the market, with the right focus on minimising your footprint.

Together towards circularity and sustainability

Our team consists of designers, engineers and builders with a strong drive to make the world a better place. We have demonstrable experience with and knowledge about the latest trends in the field of sustainability, the circular economy, LCAs and energy transitions. Our working method is always practical. To test and optimise our concepts, we utilise numerous prototypes from an early stage.

Together we shift the focus from a linear (take-make-waste) to a circular (reuse-repair-return) business model. To do this, we use the right tools and involve all stakeholders in the development chain.

Sustainable design means thinking in systems

The development of a sustainable product also means paying attention to the entire system surrounding the product. Each link plays a role in the final footprint and thus offers opportunities for environmental benefit. We think in terms of scenarios to visualise and realise your possibilities.

Together we create products with a high aesthetic & functional quality, which last a long time so they can be reused often. The best product solution results in the least failure, energy consumption and waste.


Reduction is a familiar challenge: fewer parts, lighter products, lower energy consumption. Smart constructions make repair and reuse simpler. Mono-material makes recycling easier. These are all examples of practically applicable solutions that can minimise your company’s footprint and maximise your company’s impact.
We would be happy to explore the possibilities together with you.

Practical examples

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