You strive for sustainability. But where to start?

Market shifts, changing regulations, and increasing customer expectations are challenging. At the same time they present opportunities for transformation and creating sustainable impact. Innovative sustainable products and services, new business models and improved collaboration with supply-chain partners are factors that let brands thrive within this process.

How to truly differentiate within your market and develop authentic sustainable solutions that fit to your brand’s identity? Finding actionable directions within this complexity can seem challenging.
We have the ambition, tools and knowledge to fundamentaly rethink the product proposition. Our Impact Workshop gives insights and hands-on strategies as starting point for your sustainable transition.

A design-driven workshop where sustainable impact comes to life

In a collaborative approach, we analyze your brand and map the product or service life cycle, supply chains and relevant stakeholders to identify sustainability hotspots.

How does material flow? Where is value created and where is value lost? How far does your influence stretch? We visualize and unravel the complexity within your product’s or services’ life cycle and pinpoint opportunities for sustainable innovation within.

Impact Workshop

Actionable sustainable innovation, tailored to your brand identity

We’ll turn identified opportunities into concepts, visualize and refine them through building scenarios and unveil the hidden sustainable potential within your life cycles.

The Impact Workshop caters to generating actionable directions for sustainable transformation, custom made to your brand.

Impact Workshop

Together we bring clarity to complexity

Establishing clarity within complex systems enables us to become aware of the perspectives for innovation.

Can we establish savings and closed loops within your life cycle? Can we enable interesting business models by adapting the product? Can we combine opportunities to create more unique and effective concepts adapted to your brand and possibilities?

Let us guide you through this process and find out your directions.

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