Interaction vision and user interface design


Better treatments through research and discovery

PerkinElmer develops equipment that helps scientists and pharmaceutical companies monitor the progress of diseases, medicines and therapies. PerkinElmer and npk design began collaborating in the late 1990s. Even then, the distribution of tasks was clear: Evotec (later acquired by PerkinElmer) investigated and developed highly specific technologies, while npk design ensured that these processes were “properly encased”. Which is what we continue to do today.

PerkinElmer by npk design

Designing interaction vision and user interface

It all begins with genuinely watching and listening. As designers, we literally embark on our job by observing how things are done on the work floor and by interviewing users. This is how we learn about the complex processes taking place inside the equipment we are designing and how to arrange and connect the various components in a way that makes sense.

“You design and develop an interaction vision targeting aspects of the user’s interaction with the piece of equipment. Your focus must be on showing users the status of the process, guaranteeing that they can work ergonomically, ensuring great access to a piece of equipment with an eye to servicing and maintenance, and making efficient use of space in test set-ups.”
Jos Oberdorf
partner npk design

Unique partnership

PerkinElmer and npk design’s engineers closely collaborate. We communicate intensively and directly so as to be able to construct equipment in which technology and user comfort are evenly matched.

PerkinElmer by npk design
PerkinElmer by npk design

Opera Phenix™ helps scientists provide effective cancer treatment methods

Opera Phenix™, a high-content screening system which won a red rot Award, provides scientists with a better understanding of the cell morphology of cancer cells, among other things. Ultimately, this will help to develop better targeted cancer treatment methods.
Transparency in the design makes the technology used inside the device visible to outsiders. Light conductors that change colour, LED indicators that follow the progress of the process, and a glass display to control the device. How is that for some unique user interface design?

PerkinElmer by npk design

Inside-out perspective: a striking connection between the look of the equipment and the processes taking place inside.

PerkinElmer by npk design

Thanks to many years’ experience collaborating with PerkinElmer, we have gained an understanding of its technologies and processes. We were able to develop a coherent design vision which enabled us to create a product family strengthening PerkinElmer’s brand image.

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